Public Announcements

2020 WVHRA Student Scholarship Recipients

Dec. 14, 2020

WVHRA is pleased to announce the 2020 Student Scholarship recipients.

We must first thank our WVHRA members for their continued support of WVHRA. It is through your attendance at annual events like our Legal Seminar that make it possible for WVHRA to provide a scholarship award to deserving students each year. We would normally present an award to each scholarship winner during December's Chapter meeting. The recipients will receive their award via mail.

We invite you to read their personal statements below and please offer them a congratulations if you know them or see them at a future Chapter meeting. We are very proud of each of you and wish you all success in the future! 

Undergraduate Student Recipients

Tara Boesch

"I am a nontraditional college student. I began my collegiate journey during my successful career as a restaurant manager. Therefore, the decision to study Human Resource Development felt like an easy extension that augments the knowledge already gained while managing that business. My job duties as a manager allowed me to practice some human resource functions, though I did not fully appreciate this fact until my school enrollment.  Furthermore, the human resource aspect of that job was what I loved most about the position. I find that I am energized and inspired by coaching and helping others fulfill their potential, at least in the restaurant business.”  This scholarship would enable me pay buy books and necessary school supplies and provide some much needed security for a semester."

Michael Curley

"I am an aspiring, hard-working senior at Indiana State University studying Human Resource Development, with minors in Business Administration, Counseling, and Marketing. Currently, I am President of the collegiate SHRM chapter at Indiana State University and the Senior Vice President of Delta Sigma Pi, America’s foremost professional business fraternity where I am in charge of recruitment activities.  I would use the scholarship money to purchase the valuable textbooks I typically rent. Textbooks are just so expensive, and even though each one contains valuable knowledge, I usually decide to rent instead of own due to the extreme prices they can be. The WVHRA scholarship would minimize my concerns and in return would allow me to have access to valuable information for years to come.”  

Kathryn Rowe

"With a formal education in Human Resource Development, I would become a more qualified and competitive candidate for a position in Talent Development. After researching several schools offering degree programs in related fields with the flexibility of online instruction, I applied to Indiana State University.  With a formal education in Human Resources Development, I will become a more qualified and competitive candidate for a position in Talent Development.” 

Chloe O'Sullivan

"Receiving the Wabash Valley Human Resource Association scholarship award would help me to achieve my career and college goals in many ways. Regarding my college goals, this scholarship would provide me with a way to be able to work less over the semester. I am very grateful for both of my jobs but being enrolled full-time and working multiple jobs is very time-consuming.  Being awarded this scholarship gives me the financial stability to be able to put less time in at my jobs and have more time to focus on my studies. I consider this scholarship to be a badge of honor.”

Graduate Student Recipients

DeShawn Pickens

“My long term career goal consist of being a resource and support system to individuals because it is extremely important that all individuals have someone that they can reach out too. I would like to help individuals in areas that suffer from poverty because I understand what it feels like to be left out and at a disadvantage of resources.  Receiving the Wabash Valley Human Resources Association scholarship will assist me by maximizing my education through things such as internships, learning and volunteering opportunities. The WVHRA scholarship will also assist me with tuition, purchasing books and supplies needed to have a successful spring semester.”


Rika Nanjo

"I would like to invest the scholarship monies to the room and board to stay in the United States to finish my degree. Nowadays, it is becoming difficult for any student to stay on track of their academic journey because of the unfortunate incident occurring since the beginning of 2020. For me, it is important to obtain the MS degree in HRD from ISU to further educate myself and being an advocate for others to serve their academic desire.”